Micro Needle Pen Working Principle

Micro Needle Pen Working Principle

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Micro Needle Pen Working Principle

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Best products to use with a derma roller

One of the main benefits of using a derma roller is that it enhances the effectiveness of your serums. The needles penetrate deep into your skin, letting whatever formulas or ingredients you put on your face get fully absorbed. This is why it’s ideal to find the best derma roller serums to add into your dermarolling routine. Because derma rollers help with filling wrinkles and fine lines, it’s a good idea to use anti-aging serums when rolling. Anything with hyaluronic acid or ingredients that are collagen-stimulating would work great in tandem with derma rollers. Keep in mind that some experts say to avoid active ingredients like retinol or vitamin C as they may irritate your skin when it’s in a sensitive state.
There’s no question that I’m a skin-care devotee. Not only am I constantly writing about new products, but I’m actually smearing them all over my face, too. Typically, I have about a 10-step skin-care routine both A.M. and P.M. And no, it wasn’t because of the K-beauty trend. It’s been this way since I was 18. (I’m now 31.)

For all of the oils, serums, and scrubs I’ve tried, loved, or abandoned, I’ve never really felt comfortable with anyone touching my skin, let alone getting a professional facial. I can’t help it; I just hate when people touch my face. I’m convinced that they’re going to make it worse.

So when I first heard about at-home microneedling—an affordable way of giving yourself what’s normally a $250 in-office dermatologist treatment—I jumped at the chance to try it. If I could use one of these dermarollers for facial-like results without letting anyone touch my face, I was in.

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Once you’ve found a quality derma roller, the next step is to turn your attention to the size of the needles. Needles are the main element of a derma roller so choosing the right size needle is crucial to your results. Derma roller needles range in size starting at 0.2 mm and going up to 2.5 mm but it’s important to note that when using a derma roller at home, it’s not recommended to go higher than 1.5 mm. If you’re new to derma rollers, a safe bet would be to use 0.3 mm or lower. You also need to consider what you’re targeting—do you need a derma roller for acne scars, or are you just looking to plump your skin? Bigger needles should be used for the purpose of reducing acne scarring while smaller needles are for filling in lines, tightening skin, or refining pores. Also keep in mind where you’ll be using your roller. While most are for the face, there are also derma rollers meant for larger areas on the body, and even ones specifically for the eyes and lips as those are smaller and more delicate areas.
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